Sunday Sundries: Press Days and Ale Festival

This week has been another busy few days of pounding the streets of London going to press days, I always whinge about traipsing around but actually it’s nice to see corners of London.
Bibliotheque candles by Byredo, such a wondrous idea. Now when are they going to make Charity Shop-scented candles? I could get behind that 100%.
Ivan can do my hair anyday.
I’ve been up and down the Strand a hundred times and never seen this sign, a lovely artefact from thirty years ago.
My idea of a good Saturday night is travelling to an outer suburb barely in London and going to a sports club and drinking ale. Ladies and gentlemen, Sidcup ale festival! I think there is something wrong with me.
Maybe one day when I move up the ale food chain I will be able to have my own pewter mug engraved with ‘Silver Fox’. INCREDIBLE.

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