Butler’s Wharf Chop House

The first time I tried oysters I was 17 and it was at Pont de la Tour in Tower Bridge, we also tried to order some port, unsuccessfully. Butler’s Wharf Chophouse, just next door from Pont de la Tour, recently invited me to their English Country Garden to sample some of their offerings for spring, perfect excuse for a little trip down memory lane.

Forager were there which caused my heart to skip a beat, think I’m naturally predisposed towards an ‘eat everything’ approach to food. I got to taste lots of exciting things like sheep’s sorrel which is wonderfully lemony and wild chervil. They also had a selection of relishes which we tasted with Neal’s Yard cheese, I love a good Neal’s Yard cheese and all the usual suspects were their like the unbeatable Stichelton and the Innes Log, an ash-covered goat’s cheese which is my personal favourite. Bit of trivia about the Stichelton, it’s a Stilton-type cheese made with unpasteurised milk, but legally they can’t call it stilton, so they named it Stichelton, after the original name for the village of Stilton. You can have that fact for free.

Also on offer at the Chop House were some very fine oysters, both rock and natives, I never pass up on the chance to have an oyster and these were delicious. Candy cane-shaped cheese straws hanging off of branches of blossom blew my tiny mind, I am definitely copying that idea the next time I decide to have a fancy summer party.

The indoor/outdoor setup is perfect for the Great British Summer (can you believe it’s nearly MAY?!), you can have a few drinks by the river as the sun sets but easily nip in if it starts bloody raining. I’m expecting this place to be rammed come summer, the Chop House will also be hosting special supper clubs and serving up picnic hampers for hungry post-work punters.

Butler’s Wharf Chop House
36e Shad Thames, London SE1 2YE

Natives are the round ones and rocks are more tear-shaped. They both go in my mouth.

Judas ear fungus, lol. Far more excitingly named than ‘Florette mixed salad’.

The marvellous Innes log, ILU.

Check out the tablecloth! I asked the Forager crew where it came from and they said something like “it’s my wife’s, it was in the garage”

OH HAI Morrismen. I love morris dancing so much, even more when I’ve had a couple of glasses of champagne.

Holla, my boys busting out some sweet moves.

This was taken after said champagne using poor Laura‘s head as a tripod. Sorry.

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