Sunday Sundries: fashion pub quiz, lambs and the Big Ride

Sounding a bit Alan Partridge, but the last week has been a total mixed bag. I’ve been back at home, trying to get into my freelance routine again, heading out to press days and drinking lots of coffee.

I don’t usually cycle when it’s raining heavily as I don’t like turning up looking like a wet Alice Cooper, but I made an exception for the Big Ride on Saturday. 10,000 people on bikes; despite the grimzone weather it was really fun and everyone was in high spirits. When can we do it again?

Press days are still coming thick and fast, Joules was amazing because they had BABY LAMBS, real ones. Don’t worry Adam the farmer was hanging out making sure they were happy. Can we have baby animals at every press day now?

Team Dior Going Home In A Fucking Ambulance were reunited once again for the fashion pub quiz. We didn’t win big but got some recognition for our efforts making up Sam to be a cross between a voguing house mother and Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. Erm.

These little guys are obviously BFFs.
Rain schmain, the Big Ride was really fun and it was lovely to see so many children.
Purdy flowers at Joules, love a country bouquet.
Sibling X Barbie
AW lipcolour shades at Topshop, almost gets me wanting to wear lipstick. Almost.
Makeup courtesy of Mac.
Yeah, I don’t know what’s wrong with us sometimes.

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