Love Hulahooping

As someone who used to pretend to wheeze like an asthma during PE and often used the ‘my mum wont let me wear tampons’ (as if, lol) excuse for swimming lessons, I never really thought I’d end up as a sporty type. Over the last few years though I’ve figured that doing exercise is the only thing that chills me out, helps me sleep and stops me from going mentile.

I never buy into all this ‘Jan detox’ rubbish, that is literally the worst time to give up any comforts, keep on boozing and eating till Feb I say. Springtime is a far better time to get outside and one of my favourite non-boring ways to get some exercise in is to do some hulahooping. I’m not really down with team sports unless it’s on telly and I like stuff that I can just do on a whim. It’s good for your posture and as someone who spends most of their time like one of these two guys I need it. Poor blogged out little guys!

I can do a few tricks but they’re mostly weird made-up ones like the lunge-to-kneel, I’m no Goa trance baby. Fancy giving it a go? I just bought mine from eBay, it’s not a fancy magnetic one (although Kat says they’re great), just the blue and silver one in the pic above. You do need something that’s big enough and heavy enough to build momentum so check the size before you buy. You can do it outside, inside, wherever and it’s really easy to learn, just look at some You Tube tutorials. I pick mine up while my kettle’s boiling. Rachael’s awesome timeless FML playlist is brilliant hooping music, I also made a playlist specifically for hooping so check out my Hoops Upside Your Head playlist.

Rachael’s FML Playlist > clicky!
Hoops Upside Your Head Playlist> clicky!

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