Bicester’s ChicBuzz Q&A

My feet at the Designers’ Collective pop-up

Recently I went to Bicester Village for the launch of their ChicBuzz magazine and app. On the day I participated in a livetweet session where the Rebecca Tay, ChicBuzz ed fielded all manner of style-related Qs to me to answer. Here’s an expanded version of my answers from the day, enjoy!

What do you think sets your city’s style apart from all the others?
London is my hometown so I’m a bit biased, but I love the eccentricity and devil may care DIY attitude to fashion. Experimentation isn’t frowned upon like it can be in other cities (Paris I’m looking at YOU). I like the English sense of anti-establishment which has always meant exciting things for fashion over here.

Diane Kruger, what a babe

Who are your style icons?
She’s not really under the radar or anything, but I’m totally, totally, obsessed with Diane Kruger, she doesn’t really follow trends but her style is always a winner. For a celeb she really knows how to skirt the line between A-list polish and staying to to her own style. I also love really natural women, people full of character like Chloe Sevigny and Charlotte Gainsbourg, both those women have perfected the art of simple, dressed-down style.

S’all about the jeans

How would you describe your personal style? Any signature items?
I think my look comes from having not really worn a school uniform, a latent dose of French BCBG style and being obsessed with charity shops; so there’s a lot of grey v-neck jumpers and pleated skirts as well as ridiculous old-lady dresses and vintage tees. Day to day I like to mix classic pieces with something silly like tie dye tights or a vintage jumper.

We recently launched our Art of the Detail accessories campaign. What is your go-to accessory?
My go-to accessories are cuffs, watches and bracelets, they’re great for adding a finishing touch to your outfit, but it’s not too fussy or girly. A statement watch is my fave, timekeeping and accessorising in one handy item! I’m single-handedly trying to bring back the reflective cycling slap bands as a strong wrist accessory for 2012.

What are your top three favourite trends for spring/summer 2012? What’s on your wishlist?
My three favourite trends for this season are patterned trousers, pastels worn with metallics and sporty style. I’m on the hunt for a pair of luxe brocade trousers or shorts and a tweedy, bouclé jacket, but as is always the case with these things I’m so fussy that I’m still looking!

£9.99 at Decathlon (not really)

What is your favourite fashion capital?
London is my fave fashion capital, but Paris during Fashion Week is just next level fashion skills, it feels like the most glamourous place in the world during the catwalk months. I can’t leave out New York, the vintage shopping is incredible and the energy of the city is great. They also seem to have far more small labels thriving over there, it’s something that London should have more of.

Images: Diane Kruger: 1, 2, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chloe Sevigny Erin Heatherton by Enrique Badulescu for Elle Russia from Fashion Gone Rogue

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