I Heart 1990s

I’ve come over all Kate Thornton today, so hold my hand and let me take you on a little Bank Holiday internet ramble through the 90s, starting with Whale. I’m not sure what a Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe is, but I’m pretty sure it describes the sallow-faced Bank Holiday casualty wrapped in a Union Jack that walked past my house earlier today.

I love Cia Soro’s smeary red lips and train track braces, her gingham dress and DM combo is also pretty spesh. Don’t miss the cheesy 90s be-curtained hunks in tinfoil shorts. Innocent times when My Super Sweet Sixteen was but a twinkle in MTV’s eye.

Marijne van der Vlugt was another femi-hero from the 90s, she had the classic auburn hair with chunky blonde streak which I’m sure is due for a revival. Drink The Elixir is Salad’s best-known song and the video features ballroom dancing and caffs.

Also while we’re on a trip down memory lane take a look at this barrel of 90s lols, with the powdery fake tan, jazz flute, funky rap and 60s throwback clothing.

Bit of trivia for you, Bo Johan Renck of Stakka Bo fame also directs music videos and made this amazing music vid for The Knife. Tracksuits, trannies, lads, nana decor, what more could you want?

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