Sunday Sundries: Docus, Dishes and Forts

Kind of a quiet week of working and cycling, this weird weather feels a bit like being in summer limbo. Made a fort in the front room and drank wine in it, highly recommended.

Poly Styrene on her bicycle, from her docu currently on iPlayer.

First attempt at making Mabo Dofou from scratch, the spicy pork and tofu sichuan dish of my dreams.

It’s the best hangover cure, I ate a ton of it.

Watched the Leonard Cohen docu, it’s a really good bit of footage from the era. Worth watching to see the amount of women who awkwardly throw themselves at him, Leonard was swimming in it!

I’m now moonlighting as an impromptu victory roll creator so next time you’re out and don’t feel vintage or retro enough just give me a call mmkay?

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