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Outfit Post: Cycle Gifs

How better to show you what I wear to cycle across town that through the medium of the ~gif? Check out these beautiful works of art. If I’m getting changed at my destination I usually cycle in something that’s about two steps away from pjs, I figure if you look like an idiot then cars will give you a wider berth, right?

Cycle outfit: River Island leggings, Decathlon kids’ anorak, Freed jazz shoes. Norms outfit: Uniqlo jumper, charity shop ravemum dress, Falke tights (the best!), New Look lace ups.

Even though we’re having a total joke summer I still don’t like to wear too much on a bike, it’s nice to feel the wind on your arms and you get a bit hot anyway. If you’re going to work, cycling in and having a shower makes you feel like a king. The Freed jazz shoes are so light and fold down to nothing so they’re some of my favourite cycling shoes,I mostly wear my old leggings and a t-shirt I got in a Japanese car boot sale. You’re pretty lucky this blog isn’t in smellovision because that t-shirt is rankosaurus rex.

Cycle outfit: leggings as before, Jimi Hendrix tee car boot, trainers c/o Nike. Norms outfit: New Look top, Whistles Carrie skirt, trainers as before.

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  • http://twitter.com/mat_buckets Matthew P

    which model of nike’s are these? are they the free run? i’m looking at getting a pair. funny post this, like it though. you can tell you’re a good egg

  • http://anastasia-duck.blogspot.com Anastasia & Duck

    Umm best outfit post ever!

  • http://www.yourcoffeebreak.co.uk/ Your Coffee Break

    Cute! ;)

  • Nicole Bennett

    Ture, the more weird a person looks on a bike the safer they are on the road. I use this practise myself :)

  • http://mmssq.com/ mmssq

    this flash looks so funny! my eye can’t afford to start it.

  • Anonymous

    Aww cheers! x

  • Anonymous

    I swear it works! At least they take notice of you.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Matt! Yeah they’re the Free Runs, they grip the ground really well.

  • http://twitter.com/mat_buckets Matthew P

    did nike hook you up? i wouldn’t mind being hooked up if you know how

  • http://twitter.com/getdancey Claire Tayler

    I love your yellow anorak. Where did you get yours from? (My googling is fruitless!)

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  • Samion Eric

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