Sunday Sundries: Champagne, Shoots and Styles

Warning! As well as your usual cosy nonsense this Sunday Sundries contains hairballs. Well that’s what happens when you get your hair cut at home, something you don’t get at your hairdressers. Champagne and bruschetta in a sunny garden is an unbearably smug way to start off the weekend, I shoulda been Instagramming that all over the shop along with ‘loving life’ caption, sorree must try harder.

Wearing Preen for Aldo heels, Banana Republic trousers and charity shop George Grosz tee

Outtake from some outfit shots taken down the road from my house for a mag feature coming sooon. Totally love my Banana Republic bright pink trews. Face = just woke up.

My ‘just a trim’ hairball, cute no?

A larger ‘new style’ hairball, almost considered keeping these (not really)

One of the prep pics from last week’s jerkfest BBQ.

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