Sunday Sundries: The Busy Week

This week has the dubious honour of Busiest Week Since Records Began, starting off with a nice post-Dunwich Dynamo buzz, a trip to Dublin and ending on two hours’ sleep for a shoot that began at the crack of dawn. Phew.Check out this gorgeous tweefest, loving trying the La Sardina Lomo camera. It’s a preview of the floral shenanigans at the chicfest launch Kildare Village in Ireland, more to come soon!
Charlotte Rampling pic I unearthed but didn’t use in the Power Dressing post, still wanted to share the strong style.
St Stephen’s Green in Dublin, love me a bit of grey stone.
Double pie, double mash, liquor not gravy, cup of tea, one sugar, standard. This time at Goddards I tried the eels, the jelly is surprisingly refreshing. Thumbs up.
Outtake from some pics earlier in the week, taking outfit shots is always such a cringefest, cue rictus grin and stiff poses. This is one of the better ones!

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