Review: Linus Le Sac

Despite what I said about being anti-kit in my How To Cycle To Work post, I’m sort of getting to the point where my hobo cycling ways just won’t do. After Dunwich (which I will stop going on about soon, promise) I need to start thinking about proper equipment. There’s a lot of overpriced label-y tech-y stuff out there which isn’t me, but I’m not really a super-twee Pashley Princess either.

Yeah I made another gif

Linus sent me a bag to try out, and before I even started using it I knew it was a winner. I’ve been borrowing Ortlieb panniers when I need to but they’re a bit bulky for taking around town and not that stylish off-bike. Linus’ Le Sac is an excercise in simplicity, the tote bag is made from tough waxed canvas and has a simple magnetic closure and neatly folds over when attached to the bike. It looks like the kind of totes I already use anyway and is the perfect size for my usual camera-jumper-diary-notebook bag contents.

It’s the perfect handbag/pannier hybrid and looks good enough to carry around even when you’re not on your bike. They’ve got a whole range of minimal, retro-utilitarian bike accessories that I’m coveting including bells, lights, racks and a little pouch that I have my eye on. I’m thinking of wearing it as a bumbag. Amazing, right?

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11 comments to Review: Linus Le Sac

  • very nice piece of kit indeed. you’re becoming a bike blogger

  • Iso, where are your jeans from? Really like them.

  • Anonymous

    They’re from a charity shop, naturellement! I think they’re Edwin? Possibly a Dulwich yummy mummy castoff. Will check when I get home x

  • Greta

    Do you think the Le Sac would work on the —forgive me—twee Pashley Princess? I am in the States and have one—and am anguishing over panniers. I am leaning toward this one—NO ONE sells Pashley around here and and I can’t tell if this will work or not. It is, though, the bag I keep coming back to…Look forward to your opinion! Great site, BTW!

  • Anonymous

    Haha, forgive my Pashley-bashing ways! As long as you have a pannier rack the bag should fit, as the rubbery clips (last pic) can kind of fit onto anything. Happy cycling! xx

  • Anonymous

    Cheers Matt! Been cycling for a while and only just really started putting it on the blog, glad people like

  • Anonymous

    Ok so I checked and it’s Earnest Sewn, v comfy

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  • Hi Isabelle, am I going to be able to fit a lap-top in there do you think? Thanks

  • Myra Hill

    I am looking to get a Linus Sac. Actually I am torn between the Sac or the Market pannier.

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