Sunday Sundries: A Surprise Trip to Margate

When your bezzie mate turns thirty it’s time to kidnap her and take her on a trip to the seaside and luckily we had the only summery day of the year. Margate is a lovely place to go for the day, a little bit ramshackle but lovely. We had a swim, went for walks, had some cockles, saw a bit of art at the Turner Contemporary and did a bit of chazzing. No massive charity shop gems, but the Lifeboat pub was a real find, amazing selection of ales and cide and some pretty good grub too, CAMRA members take note: they will take your Wetherspoons vouchers (I realise this is probably meaningless to about 99.9% of my readers, soz guyz!)

The Shell Grotto is another Margate must-see, but it’s so amazing I’ve dedicated a whole separate post to it so you’ll have to wait and see…

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