Green and Blue, Dulwich

Green and Blue is my local café, where I often go to eke out a coffee for a few hours and make the most of their wifi. So it was such a joy to be invited to one of their bloggers evenings without laptop and deadlines in tow.

Owner Kate is a real inspiration to talk to and full of interesting stories, she told me a tale of growing up in South Africa and digging a huge pit in the garden to make a restaurant in; one of the first pop-ups ever?

We were served up a range of dishes along with some lovely wines, I must confess I’m not a wine buff, but I do know a little bit having worked in Oddbins when I was a pink-haired yout. Their food is really quite good but never overpowers the wine, preferring to confidently sit in the near background. I had just come back from Dublin and Kate sat me down with a lovely pink fizz, a Jean Maupertuis pétillant pink bulles from the Cote d’Auvergne in France. It’s a really drinkable, easy wine but without sacrificing sophistication or taste, and a lovely treat for someone who’d just got off a plane (aka me).

First up was a goat’s curd and tarragon oil spring vegetable salad, all soft and yielding, it was the most yieldy thing I’ve ever eaten – if that makes sense. Then came some sardines laden with dill, chilli and garlic, the piled up herbs giving a fresh and green kick to the oily fish. By this time we were onto the Casot Mailloles Canta Manana, a biodynamic rosé wine. Nice to see the rosés getting some props here.

Onto the mains and we tried their pot roast shoulder of lamb with a runner bean ragout, I love Larry the Lamb and this was no disappointment. Served with a red, Vittoria Bera’s La Verane Barbera, which was an easy-drinking (if you describe every wine as easy to drink does that make you an alcoholic? Answers on a postcard pls) and surprisingly fresh wine with a slight carbon dioxide fizz, very exciting.

For dessert we were served a chocolate pot with a Fino sherry, I wasn’t sure how this would work but it really did. The fino had a soft apple smell, and the dustiness of the high cacao content complimented the flat tannins of the sherry a right treat.

Green and Blue do some great affordable lunch deals and dinner menus if you’d like to try some wine that is a few notches above your local’s house savinion blonk, visit their website for more info.

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