Glyndebourne Street Style

Part of the reason I was invited to Glyndebourne recently was to take pictures of the fabulously dressed people and they really do pull out all the stops here. The opera-goers were dressed in tuxes, formal dresses and even kilts, total class acts.

I really have a soft spot for the older generation, hence all my pictures below, but I do think that by the time middle age hits you know who you are, what you like and you could care less what anyone else thinks. A large proportion of younger people looked slightly identikit wedding in the way they dressed, but all of the older people I photographed had their own look going on. Keep your eyes peeled on Catwalk Queen for my pick of the younger crowd at Glyndebourne.

These were my favourite couple, I took about a dozen pictures of them. Their style is so utterly English and really quite cool at the same time. Scroll down for another gif of these lovebirds.
How amazing is this paisley ensemble? Totally Prada silhouette, which I’m sort of obsessing over at the moment. Also in love with this couple, I really admire people who go all out, whatever their style. This woman stood out from the crowd with her sculpted silhouette, her jacket is from a little boutique in Kensington Church Street.These two were absolutely wonderful, they’re cousins and the woman on the left was treating her cous for her birthday.As soon as I spotted this woman I knew I had to get a pic, I photographed in a few different spots, the velvet overcoat with full collar blouse, Ferragamo pumps and crochet lace skirt is ridiculously good.Cheers!

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4 comments to Glyndebourne Street Style

  • Mia

    Love these pics and their style – so true about the identikit young’uns. Didn’t Vivienne Westwood say something similar about older people being more stylish?

  • Jamie

    I always think the ladies at Glyndebourne ought to put more effort into dressing for the occasion. A floral dirndl skirt and blouse does not equate to evening wear in my book! Occasionally someone does stand out for their sheer style and elegance. I always smile when I remember the ancient lady I spotted at Glyndebourne a few years ago with her above the knee straight black skirt and mid-calf length tights.

  • Chuck

    The first gif makes me feel a bit queasy but these folk are fab. Pity you can’t put the oldies on Catwalk Queen. Love that orange skirt!

  • Super cool images. Advanced Style is one of my fav, love it when older people go all “fashion”. Particularly like the gifs of that couple. Superb!
    Jolita x

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