Antoni & Alison LFW SS13 – The Great Leap Forward

This season was heavy on the nostalgia, with a lot of designers who were Big Names when I was a young fashion fan, Antoni and Alison are one of those names and it’s great to see them back on the LFW schedule.

After a slightly emotional speech at the beginning from both Alison Roberts and Antoni Burakowski to celebrate their 25 years together, a traditional brass band kicked off a joyous, full-to-the-brim show of nothing but dresses. Antoni and Alison may have been going for 25 years but this had all the cheery exuberence of an art foundation student’s sketchbook. Slippery silk shifts featured jostling prints, bold paint strokes and HB scribbles that perfectly channels the fresh start ethos of their ‘New Work’ show.

Couldn’t not make a gif of the brass band, my love for brass bands knows no bounds.

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