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US Elections – You Don’t Own Me!

“You Don’t Own Me” PSA from You Don't Own Me on Vimeo.

Elections are always a tense time when you inwardly have ‘please don’t let the bastards win’ on a mental loop. I’m really happy that a motely crew of amazing women have got together to promote the importance of women voting in the upcoming US election.

I spotted Alexa Chung, Tavi, Sia, Miranda July, Natasha Lyonne, Sister Wolf, Tenessee Thomas, Carrie Brownstein , Zoe Kravitz, Karen Elson and the cute & cool 7yr old feminist Ruby from Amy Poehler & co’s Smart Girls video series all bigging up going out and voting on November 6th. Who did I miss??

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  • Marta

    Thank you for sharing this, Isabelle! It’s crazy how women’s rights seem to be going backwards as the American election moves forward… we need more actions like this one, and more femninsm!

  • Isabelle O’Carroll

    Thanks Marta! It’s a bit of a scary time, always good to hear voices of reason among the madness.