Buy Me: Falke Cotton Touch Tights

There’s nothing that lets down an outfit like cheap tights with runs or a baggy, loose knit. I hate cheap tights, you can immediately tell a pair of £2 opaques or snaggy sheers.

Falke’s Cotton Touch tights have an ultra-fine, ultra-smooth knit that looks just as good as your average nylon opaque, but with the bonus of cotton knit cosiness. A bit pricier than your average pair at around twenty quid, they more than pay for themselves. I’ve had mine for absolutely ages, wearing them constantly in winter and they’re only just starting to show wear.

Tightsplease have got them at a slightly reduced price of £18.43 for the next few days, I definitely recommend stocking up for the long harsh winter. I am ALL about cosiness for cold-blooded old times (that’s just a Smog reference, ignore it), these tights teamed a pair of shoes with sheepskin insoles = pure heaven. I’ve also just noticed Falke also do a merino pair

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