Studio Music – Sanity Saving For Freelancers

I do honestly love music but sometimes when I’m at home I’ll feel a perverse need to put on some dross like Maroon 5, or Charles and Eddie – which I totally stand by or listen to my 3yr old UKG mix on repeat.

Saving me from myself is Studio Music, a brilliant idea from illustrator Rosie Blake. She’s enlisted fashion designers, artists, illustrators to send over their favourite studio tunes and it’s a sanity-saving endless mix of quality music. Bill Callahan crops up regularly, which gets absolutely no complaints from me, and there’s also a fair few instances of the absolutely gorgeous 20 minute epic Gavin Briars’ Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet. In other words, top music taste.

What’s even better is finding your favourite playlists and then checking out the artwork the playlistee made, it’s a great way to discover new artists and illustrators.

Here are a few of my favesies but really it’s all gold and a welcome relief from Sheryl Crow’s Tuesday Night Music (LOL as if I listen to that) (I do) (just kidding I don’t)
SISTER ARROW – I’ve listened to this again and again every song, this is my total fave. She’s right: shimmery music is great for working
MATTHEW THE HORSE - Nice mix of beautiful folky stuff and then some upbeat re-invigorators
EMMET BYRNE – Lots of unusual sounds to tickle your brain as you work, very good for efficiency and another I just put on repeat
TATTY DEVINE – makes me want to hang out in their studio listening to ESG and drinking tea
LF MARKEY – the playlist that started it all, Louise is a fellow Poliça/Dirty Three fan
DAMIEN CORRELL – Packed full of great classic soul and guitar music, also has Requiem Pour Un Con by Serge Gainsbourg BANGER
LUCKY PDF – Great to get some booty shaking on the last few hours of Friday
STEFI ORAZI – I love anyone who pairs crying with listening to music, crymax to this lot
JAMES LONG – Any playlist that has Goodbye Horses by Lazarus gets my vote
PETER BLAKE’S CHRISTMAS – Rosie’s dad compiles his fave Chrimbo hits, I’ve got a thing about Christmas music

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