Sibling SS13 at London Fashion Week

Being an adult sucks, it’s all KPIs, MFI, ‘oh shit I haven’t got a pension’… BORING. Sibling’s SS13 London Fashion Week presentation showed the kind of subversively grown-up garb I would happily wear to do my taxes, clean up after myself and make spreadsheets.

With Poly Styrene screaming out ‘Bondage, up yours!’ Models walked out in traditionally sweet and feminine dresses, twinsets and pencil skirts all given the Sibling FU touch with acid-green sequins, skulls and a Toile de Jouy print for little tearaways. I loved the frothy white woven cardigans that reminded me of frills, the paper chef hat things you put on chicken legs (always thinking about food) and seeing polo dresses made all my 90s dreams come true.

Even after you take away the lace face masks and pom pom headgear, something foot-stampingly volatile remains. We’ll be grown-ups, tick all the boxes -and look amazing to boot- but we’ll do it our way.

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