Cycling and Safety

It’s been a funny old summer for cycling, from the highs of Bradley Wiggins’ triumph to the murky scandal surrounding Lance Armstrong and doping, bikes haven’t been far from the headlines. More recently Wiggins and his coach were both involved in road accidents which raised the question of driver liability, if they could get run over then what hope does anyone else have?

I cycle a lot, and I don’t feel scared as you can see from my graph above, but I do constantly have ‘please don’t kill me!’ at the back of my mind. Cycling has made me fitter, stronger and has taught me a lot over the last few years, the benefits definitely outweigh the risks. Rospa’s latest report says that T junctions and roundabouts are the worst spots for cyclist accidents. Strict liability, which is in place in the Netherlands places responsibility on the least vulnerable road user. If you’re in an accident in the UK it still depends on witnesses otherwise it’s your word against the driver. My best advice against accidents is thus:

Lights and hi-vis are so important, especially in winter
I don’t wear a helmet, but would say if you don’t feel confident, wear one
In towns get a decent bell to make sure tourists and drunkards can hear you coming
Position yourself properly in the road, don’t hug the kerb
General awareness of other road users like pedestrians, cars and cyclists is really important
Check behind you for vehicles
Be aware of obstacles like potholes and drains that may cause you to veer out

This is a sponsored post from London-based Solicitors Pannone, where more information regarding bicycle accidents can be found, should you want to make a claim.

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