Winter Wishlist: Antipodium, Teatum Jones & Rachel Comey

Winter arrives on a gothy breeze, I’m usually quite cheery in my outfits but when it gets cold every becomes a bit darker and a bit more gloom-laden. Having a red nose for four months of the year is no joke, so it’s time to down lol tools and go for some srs clothing.

Antipodium’s Eastenders print is still blowing my mind, paired with the Teatum Jones metallic tweed jacket it’s look that is more than a touch reminiscent of yours and my favourite tabard-wearer Dot Cotton. Seriously, I love that woman. Vamoose’s rope necklace has that crucial spooky witchy vibe which is so necessary for winter. I want to make a 90s accessory powerhouse duo with Rachel Comey and Wendy Nichol’s shoes and bag, talk about dreamy.

From left: Powerscroft dress in Eastenders Print: £349, Antipodium. Rachel Comey Barba Heels: $495, Creatures of Comfort. Teatum Jones Rose Pink Wilhelm jacket: £895, Liberty. Turqoise and rope necklace: £49, Vamoose. Mona bag: $1.895, Wendy Nichol.

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