These Are A Few Of My Favourite GIFs

Fashion GIFs (and GIFs in general) are one of my big loves, who can resist a sexy combination of old-school internet LOLs and fashwan? Fashion is often all about slickness or aspiration and can take itself quite seriously, but GIFify some fashion shots and it immediately humanises and contextualises it which makes fashion much more 3D and interesting. That’s why I prefer to do stupid outfit GIFs rather than super slick posed phots.

Part of the whole Art Basel business, Moving the Still debuts this very evening in celebration of teh (sic, but I thought it appropriate to leave in) GIF. Their website is full of lovely GIFs check it out here. Below is their lovely video on the history of the GIF and just as a bonus over here is a guide on the highly contentious topic of how to pronounce the damn word (with a bonus Strong Bad clip, #oldernet ILU).

A Short History of the Gif | Moving the Still from LEGS MEDIA on Vimeo.

Jump through for some of my favourite GIFs EVAR

Fashgif makes the most amazing moving images from catwalk shots, from the simple to the ridiculous, it’s all here. This is my favourite because it has amazing Photoshop/internet refs.

I’m really sad that stylist John William doesn’t make GIFs anymore, they’re brilliant, this one comes with the following little ditty:
Toilet Doily Frilly Tampax-
Cotton Wooly Little Bunny-
Frou Frou Boo Boo-
That’s Cricket.
Comme Des Tampons

Gifenchy does what it says on the tin, lolsome fashion GIFs aplenty.

On the other end of the spectrum, Cinemagraph do the most fanciest GIFs of all, old-timey, noirish GIFs that are as far removed from bmp lolgifs as you can get. I loved all their NYFW GIFs.

RRRRRRRROLL_GIF is just a thing of absolute beauty and genius, kind of lost for words.

Erdal Inci makes these amazing GIFs of himself in movement. My faves are the ones where he’s playing with light they’re mmmmagical!

I love science and Reddit’s GIFs of chemical reactions are just the coolest. This is copper being used as a catalyst for the oxidation of acetone, REDUX!

CTRLgif is a work of wonder, drag your mouse on the screen to animate the GIF. Eliza, one of the Queens of the Internet and someone I’m proud to call a friend has a beautiful personally-curated collection of GIFs here.

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