Roy Lichtenstein at Tate Modern

Today I trotted (well, cycled) over the bridge, taking a break from the Fashion Week goings on at Somerset House to make a visit to the Tate Modern and their Roy Lichtenstein exhibition preview. The Lichtenstein show is the Tate’s first since 1968 and worth a visit purely for the historical value of his work. It was a treat to see the lesser-known side of the artist, from his earlier, more folksy work like Step-on Can with Leg, to some of his thousands of drawings, it was a glimpse into the man best known for high impact repro.
I’m not the biggest fan of (contemporary) painting, as I don’t really know what is left to say about a 2D art object, but his pieces are more than painting, especially within the context of the era. As he once said: ‘All my art is in some way about other art, even if the other art is cartoons.’

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