MiH jeans and Grensons

This is my current favourite outfit at the moment, the mix of navy, cream, khaki and burgundy is low key but not as boring as plain old black or grey. The silk blouse is an old In Wear piece which I wear ALL the time, the khaki jacket is an accidental ahem, ‘aquisition’ from a nights boozing in Max Fish in NY, yeeeaaaars ago. New kids on the block are my MiH jeans and Grenson Chelsea boots, both getting the consta-wear treatment atm. It’s got a bit of an androgynous vibe and indeed I was recently compared to Patti Smith in it which is pure thumbs up emoji.

It’s sort of embrrassing but for someone who spends so much time on the internet and pretty much makes a living from the wonderweb I don’t do that much shopping online. Jeanography may have persuaded me otherwise. They recently invited me to try their Fit First Time service which lets you try three pairs of jeans at home and keep the ones that suit the best. I’m a firm believer in trying things on, indeed I initially chose the MiH Bonn jeans with a subtle dotted effect, but once I’d got the jeans home I eventually plumped for the MiH Ellsworth in Midnight, which is a rich, dark, navy. It’s not the craziest choice, but as a freelancer a pair of super smart jeans is something I can wear at home and nip out to meetings in without looking like a total slob.

The styles are predominantly skinny, but there’s a good few boyfriend styles being added, like the Hudson Leighs -which was one of my choices- and if bootcut is your thing they have that too.

Can I just say how much I love my new Grenson

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Chelsea boots? After my visit to the Grenson Factory earlier this year I’m getting a little obsessed.

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4 comments to MiH jeans and Grensons

  • mat_buckets

    i’ve heard of this kinda online service before and i reckon with jeans it’s pretty perfect. it’s such an effort going round all the shops trying loads on…..but all in one go at home is bob on. nice on the grenson front too

  • gracie

    I love your boots too and those jeans look so good on your booty! Ha ha. Although I love when jeans are skinny on the ankle too.

  • Amy Smith

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