Sunday Sundries: Dansk version

This week has been mostly spent prepping for, or being in Copenhagen for fashion week. I’ve been riding bikes with my bud Fiona, seeing all the collections up close at Forum and Vision, eating a ton o food and discovering black pepper in g&ts.

Also been taking some pics of all the very cool Danes, so stylish! Some of my Copenhagen street style pics are already up on Never Underdressed and I’m out snapping more today. My absolute faves so far have been Mia Kapelgaard, head of womenswear at SamsoeSamsoe and Louise Sigvardt, designer at Bruns Bazaar, also how cool is Mads Norgaard’s Vibe Thompsen? Yeah, Danes know how to do fashion.

On the internet this week I have been mostly looking at hot dog gifs.

Found myself reading through the archives of Manhattan Nest, thanks to Rachael. It’s such a fun read, plus before and after DIY shots are so good for the soul.

An open letter to the Government on immigration, signed by some lovely people including Maxine Peake (<3). You can sign it too if you’re finding yourself feeling itchy at the recent ‘go home’ vans and identity checks.

Speaking of Rachael, she wrote a lovely post about learning to love the bike, it’s a really inspiring read if you’ve been thinking about cycling.

It was Tove Jansson’s birthday this week, if you’ve never read her charming Summer Book, give it a go. It’s a delicately ponderous book about life, people and all the little things that might run around your brain.

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