Sunday Sundries: work, maxi coats and hutching up

I sometimes think the life of a freelancer is like that Bjork song. Just when you think you’re gonna get to work on all those niggly little things you keep putting off, a giant stack of work comes your way. Needless to say, this is one of those times but I love working and should be able to share this exciting project soon. Meanwhile, my downtime has been pretty sensible, I’m srsly getting back into Scrabble, sewing and cooking. Also managing to fit in a few (but not many) press days.

I’ve also somehow managed to get through this season without really buying any new clothes. I’m sort of itching for some newness, been obsessively pinning long coats and I’ve got my eye on a few. Love the relaxed, sort of sporty ’80s mum feel. Whadda you think?

Really interesting piece in the New York Times about self-control and certainty.

Choose between a doomed relationship or flatsharing? Harriet Walker on ‘hutching up’, how the housing crisis is leading to retrogressive coupledom.

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