Sunday Sundries: Bella Freud scents, GIFs and defining success

Have spent most of the weekend making GIFs for a Buzzfeed post on packing, you can see my last one here, nothing more fun than setting up a tripod and making some silly moving pictures.

Went to the launch of Bella Freud’s perfume range at Harvey Nichols, a trio of pleasing scents that all feel [...]

Scalp issues solved with Yarok Feed Your Youth

As beauty treatments go, flaky scalp treatments are not exactly the sexiest thing in the world. But a healthy scalp is necessary for beautiful hair, so the state of your head is actually pretty important. I do sometimes suffer from a bit of fluff, not full-on Peter Dandré, but my scalp is sensitive and will [...]

Ren’s Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser

I took a fair few (read: a ton) beauty products on tour with me, but only one really stood out as a superhero. Ren’s Rosa Centifolia hot cloth cleanser fulfils the function of makeup remover very capably, gently getting rid of grime and cakey mascara and cloggy skin cells like it’s no big thing.

Where [...]

October beauty faves: Clinique, Seascape, Revlon, Etat Pur and more…

A week or so ago I was clearing out my hoard of beauty products, which I actually don’t think is that bad but got me a few shocked comments on Instagram! I keep most of my beauty booty in a big chest of drawers but it was starting to multiply and overflow into random boxes [...]

Vichy Idéalia Life Serum

My love for moisturising or ‘hydrashe’ has become a bit of a joke, to the point that I’ll start singing ‘I would wear 500 creams and I would wear 500 more!’ to the tune of that Proclaimers song. Vichy’s Idéalia Life Serum is one of those 500 creams, a rich and moisturising serum that you [...]

Penhaligon’s Iris Prima

Anyone who’s seen Black Swan, laughed at the ballet sketch on Smack the Pony or heard about the gnarliness of going en pointe knows that ballet is a tough job. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Iris Prima, a recent fragrance launch by Penhaligon’s, is a sweet and cloying scent but it’s a robust perfume [...]

Nomaterra fragrance wipes

Nomaterra fragrance wipes are such a brilliant idea. Light, portable and oh-so perfect for giving yourself a quick once-over on sweaty bike trips. Stash a few of these in your bag even the most strenuous of cycles doesn’t have to mean turning up smelling like Neal’s Yard Dairy.

I’ve been using them on my commute [...]

Dermaquest Stem Cell Facial

Destination Skin‘s Dermaquest Stem Cell Facial is a treatment that promises to repair, restore and rejuvenate your skin. It’s a serious treatment to improve the condition of your skin and bring about collagen repair, results are proven with skin biopsy results. Their foaming wash removes all makeup and products and then a series of masks [...]

NYFW: Warm navy and Liz Taylor-violet eyes at Lisa Perry

Starting off with a blank canvas that is kind of yellowy, olive-y, I’ve never been tempted to go wild with colour on my face. Bright colours can often clash with an already colourful face, so I’ve always played it safe. These Lisa Perry looks from NYFW come courtesy of Revlon supremo Gucci Westman; they landed [...]

Vichy Idéalia moisturiser

This is the toughest bit of winter, right here. You’ve partied and eaten through Christmas, perhaps abstained through January and now it’s just gritted teeth until Spring decides to make an appearance.

Around this time my skin is just the pits, dry, dull and totally uninspiring and you know xenical drug I’m all about the hydrashe. [...]

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