On yer bike: Madeleine Moxham

When she’s not making awesome jewellery, or ‘wearable construction’ as she has dubbed her instantly identifiable pieces, Madeleine Moxham can often be seen cycling around the streets of Camberwell, where she grew up and still lives. To coincide with the Tour de France -and obviously because she’s as cool as hell- I decided to ask [...]

My first ever Tweed Run

Brooks, they of super-comfy saddles that saved my bum on last year’s 120-mile Dunwich Dynamo, invited me a few weeks ago to join the Tweed Run. If you’ve never been, it’s a lot of people in tweed riding around London. I’ve never been on it but I’ve seen the great outfits, so I knew that [...]

From bikes to tea sets: a Christmas gift guide

I don’t know whether it’s having family in London and not having to trek home or just being lazy, but I always leave my Christmas shopping to the last minute. Can you believe I haven’t bought a thing? Yep. But then I have made a colour-coded spreadsheet of the food we’re eating, so, priorities. After [...]

Q&A: Peckham’s Cut Out Girls

I ran into one of the Cut Out Girls in Cafe Viva, one of my fave local spots where I often hide myself away to finish some tricky bit of work. This Peckham-based duo make a range of bags, totes and purses with a great eye for colour and a modern use of craft techniques. [...]

Sunday Sundries: sock shots, steppers and felons

This week has been mostly WERK and yawnsome illness, trying out Sichuan Folk’s amazing mapo tofu (I’m obsessed) made it better. I also watched my boyfriend make and eat a whole tub of fudge, man’s an animal. Above is an accidental picture I took with my improv sock-lens cap, which shows you what a racy [...]

Sunday Sundries: back to school

Despite some lovely sun I definitely have that back to school vibe, fashion week season has kicked off and I’m digging out the chunky jumpers. This week I came back from France and slowly re-adjusted to normal life, mainly by eating French cheese. Another treat from France was an amazing leather and wool American Retro [...]

Monday Sundries: swims, foodgifs and sunsets

Woah, imagine you spend your day celebrating your mum’s birthday and forget to blog? I’d never do that. What I did do, though, is swim in a harbour with Fiona, avoided the crowds on a weekday visit to Frank’s Bar (see above), put up a shelf (go femi-DIY!) and made a really good sour prawn [...]

Sunday Sundries: AW press days, gifs and feminism

A sneak peek of a lovely afternoon spent with Antoni Burakowski of Antoni and Alison at their Farringdon shop.

This week I also did the Dunwich Dynamo -which I am still recovering from- rocked my  Myriam Girard (who I interviewed last year) lingerie slip with some Vans this weekend. I also dragged my ass to some [...]

My Dunwich Dynamo experience mk2, 2013

Last year on the Dunwich Dynamo we dawdled, we stopped for wees, jumper changes, bike repairs, cool photo opps and pretty much any chance we got. This year we tried a speedier approach, shorter stops, faster riding and we managed to beat last year’s time. Having said that this year was HARD, (look at my [...]

Nomaterra fragrance wipes

Nomaterra fragrance wipes are such a brilliant idea. Light, portable and oh-so perfect for giving yourself a quick once-over on sweaty bike trips. Stash a few of these in your bag even the most strenuous of cycles doesn’t have to mean turning up smelling like Neal’s Yard Dairy.

I’ve been using them on my commute [...]

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