Recipe: deadline dinner, haddock, chorizo and spiralised courgette

Last week under the pressure of deadlines, I made my current favourite Deadline Dinner. Sad food choices make me feel sad, so even when I’m mega busy I want something nice to eat. Oven-baked fish with chorizo, courgette and carrots is good enough to power even the most strenuous of tasks. THis was a rush [...]

A sorta kinda detox

I tried pretty hard, but on tour it was difficult to eat the right things all the time. Venue catering, with the exception of some really top notch places like Munich (thanks for the celeriac and turnip crudités!) consisted of a baseline of cold cuts and cheese. That’s what’s on the rider so that’s what [...]

Tour Diary: Prague

Like Budapest, Prague is a town that I really fell in love with when I went interrailing as a student. Even then it was a trendy tourist place, but I feel like the fuss has died down a bit and it feels more relaxed. On reflection, Budapest felt more thrumming with packs of Brit stag [...]

Tour Diary: Lake Bled

If Lake Bled taught me anything, it’s to jump at every chance you get. I was sort of hesitating to visit this fairytale place, a few hours north of Ljubljana, even though the lake is nestled in the foothills of the alps and has a magical looking island right in the middle with a little [...]

Tour Diary: Brescia

Brescia was a humble breath of fresh air after bombastic Rome. I mean Italy’s capital is awesome and everything, but Brescia’s charms are sweet and subtle. While Rome is the throbbing, pumping heart of Italy, Brescia just gently flutters. Pretty streets and pastel-coloured buildings gave a bit of a palate cleanser the town and can [...]

Recipe: roast potato and cavolo nero cakes

This recipe is from wa-aay back at Christmas, but this fairly balanced brunch could work anytime. My sister left some panko breadcrumbs at my house over the festive period and they found their way into pretty much everything. One morning I decided to use these crunchy little lads to add a bit of extra speshness [...]

A look back at late summer Venice

January is so the month that everyone just plods through, with gritted teeth and glumly clutching resolutions. Unless you’re one of those charmed people who go to the Caribbean to catch some winter sun, in which case you’re not allowed to read this blog. I’m remembering wearing JUST a t-shirt and jeans, do you know [...]

Recipe: root vegetable gratin

Every Christmas there’s always a winning dish, it’s usually something unassuming that didn’t seem like it would take centre stage. Last year it was the super easy red wine braised lentils that blew everyone away and this year I’m happy to say it was once again a vegetable dish that trumped the meat fest.

This [...]

Monday Sundries: Afghan skate girls, Air Max and Josh Whedon’s ‘strong women characters’

Vintage shirt, French Connection jeggings, Nike Air Max c/o JD Sports

Blame a really spectacular two-day migraine, which is still threatening to return, like a distant stormy cloud, on this late edition of Sundries. I haven’t just been lying down in a darkened room this week though, on no! See a sneak preview [...]

Recipe: four greens risotto

I’ve just been having a discussion this morning about heating, when you’re freelance and in the house all day do you put the heating on? I usually don’t and bravely suffer the cold until the evening when I need something super hot and cosy to warm me up.

This four greens risotto is the perfect [...]

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