Martine Wester at H Samuel

It’s pretty much that time of year, where everything feels sparkly and cosy and you think… ‘oh shit, I need to start buying Christmas presents’. I was idly looking up presents for myself because that’s how I roll when I stumbled on Martine Wester at H Samuel. Lucky find because Martine Wester’s jewellery is great [...]

Buy Me: Etat Pur Skincare

French brand Etat Pur bring out the beauty maximalist in me with their range of targeted Pure Actives for specific skin issues. Pick one or two of your beauty bugbears and I guarantee they will have a serum for it.

I’ve been using a few of their products for a while and I’m a big fan [...]

RIP Chris Marker – La Jetée

I was really sad to hear the news today that filmmaker Chris Marker died. La Jetée, a 20 minute piece composed of still frames, is one of my favourite films and one of his most famous works. It just goes to show you don’t need huge budgets or even moving images to tell a compelling [...]

Love Hulahooping

As someone who used to pretend to wheeze like an asthma during PE and often used the ‘my mum wont let me wear tampons’ (as if, lol) excuse for swimming lessons, I never really thought I’d end up as a sporty type. Over the last few years though I’ve figured that doing exercise is the [...]

Nothing Good Gets Away

Valentine’s Day always elicits mixed feelings from me, I’m a bit of a cynic so obviously it is RUBBISH and COMMERCIAL, but it’s also kind of cute to have a day to show your love for someone. Conflicted. As a Valentine’s baby I usually bypass all the slushiness, but I thought I’d dig out some [...]

Sunday Sundries: home comforts

This week’s Sunday Sundries is pretty domesticated, think I’m doing a bit of pre-fashion week hibernation. The Clerk Ink Well print above I spotted as a recommendation from India Knight and posted it up on my Christmas Gift Guide and now it’s in my hallway. Thanks Faf, Frince and Mia! It’s just the thing to [...]

Things To Look Forward To In 2012

2012 is here and you know what they say, great minds think alike. In a similar vein to Rachael’s exhibitionerama post I’ve been stockpiling Things To Look Forward To In 2012. Great name huh? Anyway, finally at the end of Jan here it is in all it’s glory… Part two, Art & Beauty is here.


Topshop [...]

Christmas Gift Guide

I love reading a good Chrimbo Gift Guide, even when it gets to the ridiculous ‘gifts for your eco-friendly cousin’ heights. I haven’t gone quite that far, this is more of a list of things that have caught my eye recently as well as favourite products I want to share. I’m quite picky when it [...]

Eley Kishimoto for Noble Macmillan

Eley Kishimoto have lent their wonderful prints to a set of notebooks in a collaboration with UK stationers Noble Macmillan. There’s nothing like cracking out a fancy notebook to make you feel like getting to work. There are six to choose from, each as covetable as the next, from the fun bubbles and lizard prints [...]

Having a Puce Moment

OH HAI I don’t need you anymore because I have my new favourite blog Puce Moment by stylist John William. Why read a show review when you can just look at his incredible gifs? (mad props to Sam for the link as usual)

Check out his take on Givenchy AW11:

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