Summer drinking in SE London

This picture, taken just before summer actually arrived, looks unthinkable now we’re all wilting in the most minimal clothing we can get away with. Trousers! Every summer I bring out the old favourites, like my woven leather sandals which were a charity shop find. They’re one of those things that someone most likely bought back [...]

Recipe: Baba Ganoush

You know how sometimes your main fashion inspiration is old pictures of your mum? That’s what I was going for here, my mum in the 70s looked like a Sonny-era Cher with a rad centre parting and flares. I’m not really a flares person, but in summer with a little t-shirt and some clogs or [...]

MiH jeans and Grensons

This is my current favourite outfit at the moment, the mix of navy, cream, khaki and burgundy is low key but not as boring as plain old black or grey. The silk blouse is an old In Wear piece which I wear ALL the time, the khaki jacket is an accidental ahem, ‘aquisition’ from a [...]

Outfit post: black and navy

Remember when black and blue was the Worst Thing? Mixing your neutrals was on a par with going at your molars with a toothpick wa-aay back but now it’s delish. In Copenhagen I was working a snuggly mix of black and navy which was perfect for the cold, crisp weather there. I love a nice [...]

Loafing around London

Coat: Hobbs, Jumper: Zara, Skirt: Chiswick Car Boot, Snood: H&M, Bag: COS, Shoes: Cinti c/o Zalando

This weekend was family time as we had my uncle, his partner and cousin over from France. Whenever we have anyone come visit it’s always an excuse to go for a walk around Greenwich or the Docks, it’s so pretty [...]

Mapping out spring/summer

I love maps, I think it’s a family thing, my grandad always loved to get a map out. There’s something reassuring about placing yourself and also just from an aesthetic point of view, all that sky blue is dreamy. THe map above is a WWII silk map of Italy that hangs in my bedroom.

On a [...]

A Peckham Family Christmas

Slightly insufferable pose c/o Christmas booze, Lol-hat c/o my sister, Uniqlo shirt, Etro skirt, Chiswick car boot sale boots. 2nd pic: propping myself up with a bottle of wine, naturellement
The O’Carrolls (well the London branch) don’t really stand to tradition, my dad always cooked the festive meal growing up and we had the traditional Christmas [...]

These Are A Few Of My Favourite GIFs

Fashion GIFs (and GIFs in general) are one of my big loves, who can resist a sexy combination of old-school internet LOLs and fashwan? Fashion is often all about slickness or aspiration and can take itself quite seriously, but GIFify some fashion shots and it immediately humanises and contextualises it which makes fashion much more [...]

Gif Outfit: Trousers Fit For A Wedding

You know when you get a concerned phone call from your mum about the lack of posts on your blog that it’s been a while. I’ve just come through the other side of a crazy three-week stint packed of shoots, in-house work, writing assignments and weekends chocka with family visits and most excitingly… weddings!

My [...]

Farfetch #digitaldressup

Last week the team acheived the not inconsequential feat of calling in samples from around the world for their #digitaldressup event. As someone who just hoofed some samples across London, garment bags draped over my head like some kind of stylish batman, respect is due. Farfetch let some of their fave bloggers loose with [...]

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