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Ren’s Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser

I took a fair few (read: a ton) beauty products on tour with me, but only one really stood out as a superhero. Ren’s Rosa Centifolia hot cloth cleanser fulfils the function of makeup remover very capably, gently getting rid of grime and cakey mascara and cloggy skin cells like it’s no big thing.

Where [...]

Cruise Ruse

It’s around this time of year that I start dreaming of… White sand beaches. I’m remembering incredulously my trip to Mexico two years ago, was everything really that bright and colourful? Every time Christmas comes round I swear I’m going to fly away and spend it getting a tan and eating jerked meats in Jamaica. [...]

Vichy Idéalia Life Serum

My love for moisturising or ‘hydrashe’ has become a bit of a joke, to the point that I’ll start singing ‘I would wear 500 creams and I would wear 500 more!’ to the tune of that Proclaimers song. Vichy’s Idéalia Life Serum is one of those 500 creams, a rich and moisturising serum that you [...]

Feeling rosy: Ren, COS, Weleda and MAC

I never really get the fuss over Valentine’s Day, not least because I’m a miserable bastard, but it’s my birthday which means I neatly get to sidestep all the tacky gifts and overpriced flowers. It also means I can be the saviour of all my single/heartbroken/dead inside friends with a V-Day event that definitely isn’t [...]

Vichy Idéalia moisturiser

This is the toughest bit of winter, right here. You’ve partied and eaten through Christmas, perhaps abstained through January and now it’s just gritted teeth until Spring decides to make an appearance.

Around this time my skin is just the pits, dry, dull and totally uninspiring and you know xenical drug I’m all about the hydrashe. [...]

Rodial Glamolash: Camel Lashes Or Bust

Somewhere floating around You Tube is a really old video of me and La Rue impersonating a camel, it was in relation to a camel-coloured pair of shoes, but camels also excel at eyelashes. I’m a bit too much of a hippy to put glue on my eyelids and get extensions and too lazy to [...]

Buy Me: Etat Pur Skincare

French brand Etat Pur bring out the beauty maximalist in me with their range of targeted Pure Actives for specific skin issues. Pick one or two of your beauty bugbears and I guarantee they will have a serum for it.

I’ve been using a few of their products for a while and I’m a big fan [...]

Bold as brass, never brassy

When I had coloured hair people always used to ask me if my hair was naturally blonde, which made me do a kind of Ms. Krabappel from the Simpsons ‘HA!’ As if. Serious bleaching is in order to get my hair to a blonde shade, which meant that after a year of colouring sessions my [...]

My Summer Makeup Faves

This summer I’ve updated my makeup bag with some new purchases that have become essentials. I tend to the natural end of make-up, I’m not so interested in crazy colours, but more into looking like I’ve had a delicious 9 hours sleep, which is a rare occurance.

I don’t really wear foundation, but Aveda’s Inner Light tinted moisturiser is light enough to wear everyday and it has SPF. It’s non-greasy as well, so I can wear it and not get a sweaty mirror/forehead. Bonus. Benefit’s Porefessional is a bit of a miracle product, it’s a silicon based mattifier/pore refiner which gives an unreal soft focus glow to your skin.

Malika Fish Pedicure

Malika contacted me recently to see if I wanted to try out a fish pedicure, how could I say no? I knew it wouldn’t be as good as when Moonface when to Thailand and got a fish pedi in an internet cafe, but then the internet always makes things better.

Their London salons are all very [...]

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