My first ever Tweed Run

Brooks, they of super-comfy saddles that saved my bum on last year’s 120-mile Dunwich Dynamo, invited me a few weeks ago to join the Tweed Run. If you’ve never been, it’s a lot of people in tweed riding around London. I’ve never been on it but I’ve seen the great outfits, so I knew that [...]

Cycle chic for spring

Every once in a while I get in a funk with cycling, this time round I’m blaming the neverending winter (for this and everything else) and a lingering cold. I just can’t muster up the will to get on my bike right now. I’m happy to let this happen -peaks and troughs and all that [...]

Five Truthbombs That Cycling Taught Me

As the new year starts I’m seeing more people than ever cycling around London. Builders, lycra commuters, Pashley princesses, trendy students… It’s really nice that there’s a mix of people out on the streets enjoying the benefits of cycling.

There are obvious pluses to getting on your bike like improved health, not having to negotiate the [...]

Cycle Haters: I Pay Road Tax!

Cycle Hatred‘s feed of anti-bike bile retweets has been doing the rounds on the internet, it’s a collection of pretty dumb and sometimes frightening abuse levelled at ‘bicyclists’ (??). One of the most frequent grounds for the feverish abuse is the old ‘you don’t pay road tax’ chestnut.

Let me just clear something up, road tax [...]

Review: Linus Le Sac

Despite what I said about being anti-kit in my How To Cycle To Work post, I’m sort of getting to the point where my hobo cycling ways just won’t do. After Dunwich (which I will stop going on about soon, promise) I need to start thinking about proper equipment. There’s a lot of overpriced label-y [...]

Sunday Sundries: The Busy Week

This week has the dubious honour of Busiest Week Since Records Began, starting off with a nice post-Dunwich Dynamo buzz, a trip to Dublin and ending on two hours’ sleep for a shoot that began at the crack of dawn. Phew.Check out this gorgeous tweefest, loving trying the La Sardina Lomo camera. It’s a preview [...]

My Dunwich Dynamo experience

Last weekend along with 1,500 other people I did the Dunwich Dynamo, a 120-mile overnight bike ride from London to the Suffolk coast. The day before the dun run I was really scared, I may have even shed a wee tear of fear. We had been planning the trip for some time but worrying about [...]

Outfit Post: Cycle Gifs

How better to show you what I wear to cycle across town that through the medium of the ~gif? Check out these beautiful works of art. If I’m getting changed at my destination I usually cycle in something that’s about two steps away from pjs, I figure if you look like an idiot then cars [...]

Sunday Sundries: Nothing To See Here

Richard Hoggart building, Goldsmiths

I mostly worked this week, and anything I did of note wasn’t documented by a camera unfortunately. Still trying to come up with some kind of harness that will let me take pics on my bike. Friday I went to see a performance with a few sound artists at Goldsmiths. It was [...]

How to: Cycle to Work

Getting around London can be a royal pain, but ever since I started cycling everywhere the city seems a lot smaller and interconnected. I only started cycling to work a few years ago and like most people I was a bit scared that I’d get really sweaty or even worse, run over. Now that I [...]

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