From bikes to tea sets: a Christmas gift guide

I don’t know whether it’s having family in London and not having to trek home or just being lazy, but I always leave my Christmas shopping to the last minute. Can you believe I haven’t bought a thing? Yep. But then I have made a colour-coded spreadsheet of the food we’re eating, so, priorities. After [...]

Recipe: Beetroot Gravadlax and Potato Blinis

Gravadlax is one of the few Christmas-appropriate dishes that feels really treaty and momentous but isn’t disgustingly fatty or bloaty. Salmon is fairly high in fat, but it’s good fat and sliced paper thin it means you don’t really eat huge amounts of it. I made it up a few days before Christmas and it [...]

A Peckham Family Christmas

Slightly insufferable pose c/o Christmas booze, Lol-hat c/o my sister, Uniqlo shirt, Etro skirt, Chiswick car boot sale boots. 2nd pic: propping myself up with a bottle of wine, naturellement
The O’Carrolls (well the London branch) don’t really stand to tradition, my dad always cooked the festive meal growing up and we had the traditional Christmas [...]

Christmas Greetings!

Hope you’re all settling in to a cosy Christmas, I’m carefully embedded on the sofa and along with half of Twitter currently dying with my parents’ liberal use of central heating. Tomorrow I will be I mainlining the O’Gradys and making stuffed onions to have with Walter our turkey (that’s seriously his name).

Stuck for music? [...]

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas is here! I’ve watched the Simpsons Christmas special, thought about buying a bottle of O’Gradys for pre-lunch booze consumption and I’m wearing Christmas socks RIGHT NOW. I fucking love Christmas, so I’ve compiled a list of fun things going on in the ol Smoke to get you feeling festive.

To get you in the right [...]

The Christmas Haul pt2

The second part of my childlike present excitement, I guess being vocal about the things you like and having the memory of a goldfish makes for really great surprises.

I got a vest top proclaiming my love for the Eerie Indiana star Omri Katz, if you’ve seen his latest work you’ll know that he’s more creepy [...]

I’m alive, I promise!

Wow, it’s really been so long I’ve forgotten the max pixel width of my images, pure blogger lulz. Anyway, onto to the neeeews. River Island totally know how to throw a party. Their press days are lively enough, so when they actually held a party tonight (in aid of their Ts of Trust tee shirt [...]

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