LFW DVF Outfit

I was going to post something completely different but my image filing system leaves er, a lot to be desired and I landed on a ton of London Fashion Week pics. Topical! I took this in the lifts at One Aldwych after biking all over the shop to see shows. Everyone should own a DVF [...]

Sunday Sundries: Pretty Spring Things

Spring has sprung! It’s officially time for us Brits to spend time outside drinking alcohol which is exactly what I did today in the garden with a huge bowl of baba ganoush for company. Here’s a peek at some lovely spring things that made my weekend. My new DVF pochette was a Bicester buy, I [...]

Diane von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg is pretty cool right? Amazing au naturel face, uber glamorous with a penchant for a witty line or two, Diane was also part of the Studio 54 crew in its heyday. Basically you can’t imagine her not being cool but I didn’t realise quite what a force of nature she was until she spoke at the recent launch of her new perfume.

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