LFW DVF Outfit

I was going to post something completely different but my image filing system leaves er, a lot to be desired and I landed on a ton of London Fashion Week pics. Topical! I took this in the lifts at One Aldwych after biking all over the shop to see shows. Everyone should own a DVF [...]

A Pick For Early Winter

This post is just Things That I Was Looking At When I Was Sick, nice huh? The no 6 clogs are totally winter inappropriate, but that’s exactly why I love them. The Mawi for Asos necklace is a no-brainer, instant posh-eriser for your everyday outfits. Frothy lace is another winter inappropriate or inattendu fabric, and [...]

Interview: Ducie Keam-George of Ducie

Ducie invited me to their studio in Kensal Rise, Ducie (the person) is a total expert at storytelling, I initially only wanted to spend an hour but stayed for much longer listening to the story of the label over cups of tea. Nothing like a good yarn! Ducie and her partner Dan in Portobello, started [...]

♥ Stolen Girlfriends Club

Sam kindly accompanied me to the Stolen Girlfriends Club event at Liberty last weekend, as I love me a bit of STC and I had half an eye on one of the pieces. The heart shape mesh dress is every bit as good in the flesh, so I decided to try it on.
Take a look [...]

New Look graphic column dress

I waffled on about long skirts yesterday but I’m far from done! I came across this image at work and this might well be my first non-homemade bit of long skirt. As much as I love sunny cheerful clothes it can get a bit boring, hippyish and ever so slightly Shipwrecked in the warmer months, [...]

Endora’s bewitching dress

Just bought this amazing dress from the charity shop, can’t wait to wear it out, it reminds me of one of my favourites, Endora from Bewitched. The dirty green colour really clashes with the neon paillettes, it’s amazing! I’ve been thinking how to wear it, and I want to bring out the dirty green and [...]

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