Sunday Sundries: t’tour de France, dollar vans and kegels

A busy week in which I didn’t eat at home once, that’s got to be bad, right? I’m making up for it by simmering some ribollita, an Italian bread and cannelini bean soup which is perfect for summer evenings. One of my meals out was at Rotorino, where I got to try the corpse reviver, [...]

Tour Diary: Gothenburg

Gothenburg was another exciting chance to catch up with and Internet Friend, namely the amazing Fiona who had just made the move over a few weeks ago. Some people I’ve met through blogging have become IRL friends and Fiona is one of those people, a total meeting of moron minds, she’s so lovely and has [...]

Tour Diary: Poznan, Warsaw and Krakow


I’ve never been to Poznan before but a bouncer in one of the Birmingham venues told me that it was his favourite Polish city. A few of us headed out together, to go for an energising swim. We wandered from the pool into town and I swear we must have gone through the worst [...]

Tour Diary: Prague

Like Budapest, Prague is a town that I really fell in love with when I went interrailing as a student. Even then it was a trendy tourist place, but I feel like the fuss has died down a bit and it feels more relaxed. On reflection, Budapest felt more thrumming with packs of Brit stag [...]

Tour Diary: Lake Bled

If Lake Bled taught me anything, it’s to jump at every chance you get. I was sort of hesitating to visit this fairytale place, a few hours north of Ljubljana, even though the lake is nestled in the foothills of the alps and has a magical looking island right in the middle with a little [...]

Tour Diary: Brescia

Brescia was a humble breath of fresh air after bombastic Rome. I mean Italy’s capital is awesome and everything, but Brescia’s charms are sweet and subtle. While Rome is the throbbing, pumping heart of Italy, Brescia just gently flutters. Pretty streets and pastel-coloured buildings gave a bit of a palate cleanser the town and can [...]

Tour Diary: Rome

Rome really was the first city that spring blearily woke up, rubbing its eyes. All the things you forget in the long winter like the smell of the air, sunshine, colours and an optimistic feeling. I was making the most of it, eating an ice cream, coat in hand with bare arms, coat in my [...]

Tour Diary: getting the hump in Milan

Have you ever been in a town on fashion week without any tickets? More precisely Milan, whose charms are evident but finite? Yeah, it’s definitely my fault but last minute niggles over tour plans meant I applied for tickets about half an hour before Milan Fashion Week started, then some work stuff got cancelled so [...]

Tour Diary: Paris

Paris, just over the channel, I speak the language and one of my best friends lives there. So it’s kind of foreign but not, it still marked the first stop on the European leg of the journey. After dumping my stuff in our hotel, we walked a little while to Mum In Her Little Kitchen, [...]

Recipe: root vegetable gratin

Every Christmas there’s always a winning dish, it’s usually something unassuming that didn’t seem like it would take centre stage. Last year it was the super easy red wine braised lentils that blew everyone away and this year I’m happy to say it was once again a vegetable dish that trumped the meat fest.

This [...]

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