On yer bike: Madeleine Moxham

When she’s not making awesome jewellery, or ‘wearable construction’ as she has dubbed her instantly identifiable pieces, Madeleine Moxham can often be seen cycling around the streets of Camberwell, where she grew up and still lives. To coincide with the Tour de France -and obviously because she’s as cool as hell- I decided to ask [...]

Martine Wester at H Samuel

It’s pretty much that time of year, where everything feels sparkly and cosy and you think… ‘oh shit, I need to start buying Christmas presents’. I was idly looking up presents for myself because that’s how I roll when I stumbled on Martine Wester at H Samuel. Lucky find because Martine Wester’s jewellery is great [...]

Feeling rosy: Ren, COS, Weleda and MAC

I never really get the fuss over Valentine’s Day, not least because I’m a miserable bastard, but it’s my birthday which means I neatly get to sidestep all the tacky gifts and overpriced flowers. It also means I can be the saviour of all my single/heartbroken/dead inside friends with a V-Day event that definitely isn’t [...]

King of the Mods

When I used to live in Brighton many moons ago, I often saw this man walking down the London Road, the shabbier end of town. Even in my student days I fully recognised this man was a living legend but I was too scared to approach him. This summer on the way to my friend’s [...]

Studio Visit: Imogen Belfield

I met up with jewellery designer and fellow south Londoner Imogen Belfield this summer, she’d just got into her Goldsmith’s Studio, it was all pristine and brand new. Run-ins in Frank’s Campari Bar notwithstanding, we recently had our first catchup since the summer and I got to snoop around at her now-familiar workspace read on [...]

Marni AW12 Collars and the Circus

As soon as I saw Marni’s AW12 collars I was reminded of these (old, granted) pictures of circus girls from Retronaut. In fact I may have already posted them, but the chunky jewelled collars with their slightly ‘off’ tones remind me of the old-timey gaudiness of the amazing circus girls. Kind of like coming across [...]

Love: Belmacz Jewellery

Single Baby Love Necklaces

There’s something about Belmacz‘s jewellery that conjures up the French word ‘inattendu’ or the German meaning of ‘uncanny’. Inattendu means unexpected and there is something uncanny about those jewels, that feel somehow familiar and new at the same time. Funnily enough, Belmacz is Julia Muggenberg a London resident who originates from Germany [...]

Studio Visit: Moxham

This is the second Studio Visit of the year and another South London label, Moxham (I’m not biased, honest!) Madeleine Moxham designs what she calls ‘wearable construction’, bold but simple statement accessories. I went to her Camberwell home to find out a bit more about her…

Does the creative gene run in the family?
My mum went [...]

Susan Suell Jewellery

Continuing the Spanish theme on the blog this weekend is jewellery brand Susan Suell. Love the delicate earrings with coral detail, interesting enough in their own right without completely dominating an outfit, but if that’s too simple for you she also does green beaded hoops with a hand of Fatima, Buddha and horse charms. JESSAYIN. The set of gold bangles is another fave, just the thing to simply finish off a look without any fuss.

What’s Your Power Animal?

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day last week with half a Guinness in the Lamb, the OC doesn’t stand for Orange County y’know. Fresh from Crufts, Sam is rocking a pug necklace and a tiger ring on a chain. I’m wearing a croco ring gifted from Soho Hearts (thanks guys!), see picture below for the up close [...]

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