Sunday Sundries: Margaret Howell, Vincent Deary, Alela Diane and Greenpoint

Margaret Howell is consistently one of my favourite designers at London Fashion Week. Something about the way she can come up with fresh silhouettes and ideas in what is quite a classic and restrained look. The two looks above are exactly what I want to wear right now. The midi look is kind of similar [...]

Sibling SS13 at London Fashion Week

Being an adult sucks, it’s all KPIs, MFI, ‘oh shit I haven’t got a pension’… BORING. Sibling’s SS13 London Fashion Week presentation showed the kind of subversively grown-up garb I would happily wear to do my taxes, clean up after myself and make spreadsheets.

With Poly Styrene screaming out ‘Bondage, up yours!’ Models walked out in [...]

Antoni & Alison LFW SS13 – The Great Leap Forward

This season was heavy on the nostalgia, with a lot of designers who were Big Names when I was a young fashion fan, Antoni and Alison are one of those names and it’s great to see them back on the LFW schedule.

After a slightly emotional speech at the beginning from both Alison Roberts and Antoni [...]

Studio Visit: Teatum Jones

To kick off 2012 I’m doing a series of Studio Visits, meeting established and up-and-coming designers. Starting things off in style, I met up with with London duo Teatum Jones who were recently picked up by Liberty and will be coming into their fourth season.

Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones take a wonderfully meticulous approach to [...]

London Fashion Week Sunday Sundries

Slightly late but special London Fashion Week sundries for you, been buzzing around like mad for LFW and my upcoming New York – Mexico LOL HOL (laughter holiday, duh). I always dread LFW and then once I’m there I really enjoy it. It’s great to IRL catch up with the lovely bloggers who I usually only see on the internet.

Margaret Howell AW11

While all around have been mining the ’70s for all it’s worth, Margaret Howell does retro with a lightness of touch and a masculinity that takes it out of the museum and into the street.

Having seen the show I definitely feel like I need a hat. A proper man’s hat, not an indie Chelsea-Dagger [...]

Topshop Unique AW11

When I was a child I used to hang out in Woolworths trying to buy lottery cards and watching the films on the screens, which played against a backdrop of whatever was in the Top 40. I remember the scene at the end of 101 Dalamtians (where they’re crowded round a piano) going hilariously well [...]

London Fashion Week: Topshop Unique SS11

Topshop Unique’s LFW show was held at the old Eurostar terminal which gave it a Bum Bum Train surrealness, I was half expecting to be wheeled out of the show and into some other random scene, like a boxing ring or tea room. Loved all the ‘don’t wear heels’ tweets, it was a mere minutes [...]

London Fashion Week: Margaret Howell SS11

Margaret Howell show, whatatreat! One of the few shows I felt comfortable in my post-wisdom teeth comfy outfit of Grensons, jeans and jumper. I mentioned that all of the UK press were there, it was a bit of a fashion royalty fest, with Lorraine Candy, Imogen Fox and Anna Dello Russo. We all squished into [...]

London Fashion Week: Giles SS11

I am currently sitting in bed singing ‘Giles, oh Giles, oh Gi-iiiles!’ to the tune of Des’ree’s lyrically dubious song. If all around you are reviving the ’70s, and you’re coming back to your stomping ground what do you do? Throw a massive fashion party that melds ’90s post-rave and Studio 54 high glam, with [...]

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