Statement Trousers

From left: Olivia Palermo, Viviana Volpicella, Caroline Issa

Street style at London Fashion Week confirmed the statement trouser as the style choice for the workhorse crew. The fact that you’re wearing tailored trousers screams ‘I’m here for srs bizness!’ but choosing a pair with a wacked out print confirms your fashion credentials. Teamed with a jumper [...]

Opening Ceremony Slippers

There’s something irresistably fey about velvet slippers, something wonderfully Little Lord Fauntleroy. I can imagine reclining in bed with someone feeding me little dainty squares of toast that have a quartered quail’s egg as someone else turns the pages of a newspaper. Then as I get up someone else puts a pair of the ermine-ish [...]

On holiday with Tilda Swinton in I Am Love

Another holiday selection of products, this time based around the TIlda Swinton film ‘I am Love’. It’s a mix of a very traditional bourgeois European style with a brilliantly fresh colour palette. The Cynthia Rowley for Roxy towel started it all off, and I can imagine that someone like Tilda Swinton’s character in the film [...]

Live In Your Head

You know that annoying voice on Spotify? “I want a holiday, I nee-eed a holiday!” That’s me except I have no intention of going to see Mamma Mia. A combination of listening to Crosby Stills & Nash, reading the Brick House blog (thanks Caroline, No!) and catching up with the antics of Cassie and Clara [...]

Isabelle’s autumn mega shoe-lust round up

Autumn is here and with it the panicked search for a new season’s wardrobe. Every season it’s the same: “What the hell did I used to wear?”

After a few trips to the car boot, the charity shop, a spontaneous mission to H&M in High St Ken and a planned trip to COS as soon as the sales start I think I’ve got the clothes sorted. The shoes… Well that’s a whole other matter. Having accepted that I don’t really wear heels (wore some today) and that ballet pumps are a bit dull (wearing some now) the shoe-choices are a little more limited. Especially as being a real grown up I have to look smart but without the universal domination properties of heels you have to choose your footwear carefully.

I ♥ orthopaedic shoes

orthopaedic shoe

I recently spotted a woman with some amazing orthopaedic boots on Oxford Street, chunky platform creations, with a perforated leather upper. They were really rather wonderful but I thought as much as I wanted to, the woman probably wouldn’t have appreciated me taking a picture.

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