Recipe: deadline dinner, haddock, chorizo and spiralised courgette

Last week under the pressure of deadlines, I made my current favourite Deadline Dinner. Sad food choices make me feel sad, so even when I’m mega busy I want something nice to eat. Oven-baked fish with chorizo, courgette and carrots is good enough to power even the most strenuous of tasks. THis was a rush [...]

Recipe: root vegetable gratin

Every Christmas there’s always a winning dish, it’s usually something unassuming that didn’t seem like it would take centre stage. Last year it was the super easy red wine braised lentils that blew everyone away and this year I’m happy to say it was once again a vegetable dish that trumped the meat fest.

This [...]

Recipe: four greens risotto

I’ve just been having a discussion this morning about heating, when you’re freelance and in the house all day do you put the heating on? I usually don’t and bravely suffer the cold until the evening when I need something super hot and cosy to warm me up.

This four greens risotto is the perfect [...]

Recipe: Tuscan ribollita soup

Don’t get me wrong, I love dirty food with an unashamed passion, – hi embarrassing Chicken Selects addiction – but really, I truly love eating healthy, homecooked food. That feeling of tucking into loads of delicious veg leaves you feeling lovely inside and out, I also get a real kick from cooking. Daks’ designer Sheila [...]

Recipe: not my grandmother’s ratatouille

Rowley Leigh talks about the origins of ratatouille in the FT, saying it comes from ‘rata’ which is army slang for food and ‘touiller’ which mearns to stir. When I asked my grandmother how she made ratatouille she scoffed and said: ‘well I get it frozen from Carrefour now!’ After more than 50 years of [...]

Recipe: Mexi-Danish brunch

When you wake up with a ravenous hunger, only a Mexican breakfast will do. In Copenhagen, a couple of weekends ago, I made this dish, a kind of mish-mash of chilaquiles and huevos rancheros for my lovely host Fiona. Chilaquiles has a tomato sauce which soaks into freshly-fried pieces of tortilla bread, but here I [...]

Recipe: Baba Ganoush

You know how sometimes your main fashion inspiration is old pictures of your mum? That’s what I was going for here, my mum in the 70s looked like a Sonny-era Cher with a rad centre parting and flares. I’m not really a flares person, but in summer with a little t-shirt and some clogs or [...]

Recipe: Chorizo and spinach baked eggs

Breakfast is one of my favourite meals, there’s no nicer way to kick off the weekend than inviting some friends over for mid-morning food and an increasingly animated chat as the coffee levs increase. Weekend breakfasts are the best because you can take your time, I usually make something like huevos rancheros or skillet eggs [...]

Recipe: Artichoke, ham, mozzarella and comte cheese toastie

Apparently the internet is saying today is Grilled Cheese Day. So I’m doing a recipe for grilled cheese, aka a cheese toastie if you’re from the UK. If the internet told me it was International Jump Off A Cliff Day you’d probs see my Instagrams of the nearing coastline.

Cheese toasties are the numero uno [...]

Recipe: red wine braised puy lentils

When it’s this cold I immediately turn to lentils, they’re comforting, easy to cook and stupidly cheap. This Christmas I made braised puy lentils and it despite being the cheapest and easiest dish, it was also one of our favourites. The mix of red wine, bones and herbs give it a rich and satisfying flavour, [...]

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