Tramontana Brindisa

Does anyone else get tapas fear? That subconscious small plates worry that you won’t fill your belly, it’s a really concern for a total pig like me.

I had my food radar on red alert at Tramontana Brindisa, the latest tapas kitchen from the Borough-based Spanish food importer. I was quickly calmed by some super-strong [...]

Gail’s Kitchen, Bloomsbury

Gail’s Kitchen opens to the public tomorrow, it’s a new venture from Gail’s Bakery, the people who bring you the posh baked goods, and I was lucky enough to be invited to a preview evening at Myhotel in Bloomsbury. The principle is that as a bakery they’re using their oven mastery to create original dishes [...]

Begging Bowl, Peckham

This blog has been really food heavy of late, think I’m just taking advantage of the natural August fashion lull before The Weeks start and it’s all fashion fashion fashion.

The latest food buzz, round my way at least, has been the Begging Bowl restaurant which opened recently on Bellend(en) Road in the fancier part of [...]

Pichet Restaurant, Dublin

Last week I found myself on a very brief, last minute trip to Dublin for work. Very glam and makes a change from usual sat in front of the comp in my house clothes routine. Part of the glamour came from a meal at Pichet, a French-style restaurant near Grafton street in the centre of [...]

Namaaste Kitchen, Camden

Namaaste restaurant is on Camden’s busy Parkway and you could be forgiven for walking straight past it, which is what I did. Once inside it’s all modern decor and fancy lighting. Word to the wise, or as my teacher used to say ‘Avis aux amateurs’, wearing a tight leather skirt really isn’t a good idea [...]

Cuckoo Club, Mayfair

I was recently invited to the Cuckoo Club in Mayfair to sample their extensive cocktails and food menu. Mayfair member’s clubs aren’t usually my thing, but after a few of their cocktails I felt very at home. The glam decor comes courtesy of Biba’s Barbara Hulanicki who designed the wallpaper for the venue, along with [...]

Boisdale Oyster Festival

I have a love affair with oysters which runs deep, I’ve converted many people to their briny charms and even after a horrific bit of Christmas food poisoning I could still happily gulp down a dozen, down the hatch, no problem.

My recently documented trip to Canary Wharf was an invite from Boisdale to celebrate the [...]

Upstairs restaurant in Brixton

Upstairs in Brixton is one of those places I’ve been meaning to go for ages, my sister’s flatmate is the chef there, so it was more of a ‘we must go to the restaurant Oisin works at’ than ever having heard of it. Tucked away on a side street off Acre Lane it’s easy to [...]

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