Sophia Webster for J Crew

Being in sunny fashion paradise does have its drawbacks, I missed the launch last night for Sophia Webster‘s collaboration with J Crew. A designer who cut her teeth at Nicholas Kirkwood before quickly making a name for herself with fun, colourful but very chic heels that have the same joyful spirit as J Crew. The [...]

You’ll thank me later

Who better to flex his digits for the monkstrap shoe than Tony Shalhoub, aka TV detective Adrian Monk? The monk strap shoe was never far from my thoughts last year, it’s a great shoe and a refuge from the classic, but now ubiquitous brogue. With slightly scholarly looks they embody ‘back to school’ vibes like [...]

Grenson factory visit and interview pt2 – Tim Little, creative director

The second part of my Grenson factory visit, I interviewed creative director Tim Little, a advertising man by trade who came into the shoe business after failing to find his perfect pair of dress shoes. He is the man responsible for reviving Grenson and breathing life and humour into the


How did you get into [...]

Grenson factory visit and interview – pt1

Just at the end of last year I headed up to Northampton to visit the Grenson factory. Northampton has been associated with footwear and shoemaking for hundreds of years, records show a Cordwainers street back in 1200. Alison, Grenson’s PR, sent me instructions on how to get there but I decided to cycle (small aside, [...]

Silver Surfer

Every so often I get obsessed with finding the perfect version of something, be it the denim shirt, ankle boot or Carly Rae

Jumble Fever: Trying To Quit My Hoarding Ways

Recently I’ve been waking up singing ‘It’s like a jumble sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under’, because my room looks like a tip. You may have seen me tweet about my ‘clothes boyfriend’ aka the pile of clothes that sometimes lives on the other side of the bed, or moaning [...]

KM by Karen Millen capsule collection

Day-to-day I will have in my bag a diary, big notepad, camera or two, bike stuff and possibly a laptop. I don’t do fussy handbags and I find nothing finishes off an outfit like a statement-making tote, I regularly amp up my look with a neon or metallic shopper to lug around all my essentials. [...]

Shoe Tips For Grown-Ups

Brogue-lovers prick up your ears! Investing in a proper pair of shoes is the done thing when you’re a Grown Up, shoes that will last you 30-40 years make more sense once the mists of youth have cleared.

Although I probably don’t act like one, I am pretty much a Grown Up, and I do [...]

Summer Shoes

Summer means a whole new wardrobe, I’ve unpacked all my dresses, tops and skirts for sunny weather and my room is looking a little like Oxford St Primark at the end of a Saturday. Except it’s mostly charity shop bargains and Uniqlo, natch.

Here’s some garden-based pics of the shoes I’m wearing at the moment, [...]

Rupert Sanderson Paris Showroom AW12

Kicking off my showroom coverage with Brit designer Rupert Sanderson is a little contrary, but that’s how we works round here. Their warm showroom was a lovely sanctuary from the miserable rain, you know how us Rosbifs like to talk about the weather? Well the Rupert Sanderson showroom was possibly the only showroom I got [...]

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