Silver Obsession, the Spring Update

New Year, new you and all that, but I’m still obsessed with silver footwear, after missing out on a pair of the Deena & Ozzy platforms -mainly for div reasons- I’m still scouring the internet for my perfect pair of silvs shoes.

This being nearly Spring and all that, I’m really feeling the idea (mayhaps not [...]

Jigsaw’s Giverny skirt

Jigsaw’s Giverny skirt looks like the kind of easy summer skirt you could just team with a grey tee and sandals for the simplest most lovely summer holiday outfit. It’s £89 which is no inconsiderable sum but so so lovely. I’d like to try delicately sponging a floral fabric with some white fabric paint to [...]

Daks skirt suede tabs

It’s my birthday today, so I’ve decided to only do blog posts from bed, drinking Jing Earl Grey and scoffing sea salted caramel chocolates. Mmhmm! As you may know I’m a seasoned charity shopper, but I picked this skirt on one of my many lunchtime trips to Bang Bang. It’s from Daks and the quality [...]

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