Thoughts on capsule packing

I’m doing a bit of a pre-tour sort of my room, packing away the things I wont need and getting rid of a few bits while I’m at it. I’ve obviously been planning my ‘tour essentials’ in my head for a few weeks. Don’t even get my started on my ‘capsule essential must-have beauty items’. [...]

Outfit post: black and navy

Remember when black and blue was the Worst Thing? Mixing your neutrals was on a par with going at your molars with a toothpick wa-aay back but now it’s delish. In Copenhagen I was working a snuggly mix of black and navy which was perfect for the cold, crisp weather there. I love a nice [...]

Cycle chic for spring

Every once in a while I get in a funk with cycling, this time round I’m blaming the neverending winter (for this and everything else) and a lingering cold. I just can’t muster up the will to get on my bike right now. I’m happy to let this happen -peaks and troughs and all that [...]

JW Anderson for Topshop

A Topshop collaboration just before Fashion Week feels like a tradition now. This season we’re being treated to another helping of JW Anderson, and it seems he’s gone all school vibez. There’s a nice play between ‘good girl’ pieces like the revisited loafers and pleated skirt with a subversive, rebellious spirit that would have you [...]

Topshop Nails SS13 by Sadie & Joe Williams

Painting my nails is one of the work rewards I give myself, kind of like a dog I operate on a strict system of treats and rewards for work done. I’ll paint one coat of varnish for writing 200wds/reeling off some emails or doing some annoying task like sending out invoices. It’s a pathetically necessary [...]

Mapping out spring/summer

I love maps, I think it’s a family thing, my grandad always loved to get a map out. There’s something reassuring about placing yourself and also just from an aesthetic point of view, all that sky blue is dreamy. THe map above is a WWII silk map of Italy that hangs in my bedroom.

On a [...]

Silver Obsession, the Spring Update

New Year, new you and all that, but I’m still obsessed with silver footwear, after missing out on a pair of the Deena & Ozzy platforms -mainly for div reasons- I’m still scouring the internet for my perfect pair of silvs shoes.

This being nearly Spring and all that, I’m really feeling the idea (mayhaps not [...]

Summer Shoes

Summer means a whole new wardrobe, I’ve unpacked all my dresses, tops and skirts for sunny weather and my room is looking a little like Oxford St Primark at the end of a Saturday. Except it’s mostly charity shop bargains and Uniqlo, natch.

Here’s some garden-based pics of the shoes I’m wearing at the moment, [...]

Sunday Sundries: fashion pub quiz, lambs and the Big Ride

Sounding a bit Alan Partridge, but the last week has been a total mixed bag. I’ve been back at home, trying to get into my freelance routine again, heading out to press days and drinking lots of coffee.

I don’t usually cycle when it’s raining heavily as I don’t like turning up looking like a [...]

Statement Trousers

From left: Olivia Palermo, Viviana Volpicella, Caroline Issa

Street style at London Fashion Week confirmed the statement trouser as the style choice for the workhorse crew. The fact that you’re wearing tailored trousers screams ‘I’m here for srs bizness!’ but choosing a pair with a wacked out print confirms your fashion credentials. Teamed with a jumper [...]

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