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Food recipes for post-wisdom teeth extraction

Recently I had some teeth out, three pesky wisdoms to be precise, still horrified from the dentist dropping one of my teeth down my throat and nearly choking me to death – seriously – I was looking for some comfort food. The list of foods I could eat in my de-wisdomed state was pretty depressing, because I get the most ravenous appetite when I’m ill. There was no way I was eating mash for four days, so I ended up surviving on ice cream and fancy custard (very delicious) and avocados with olive oil. Here’s a couple of things I also had which made me feel less in-valid and more human; no need to be ill though, you could fancy them up and have them as a good bit of comfort food.

Pinto mash
You just have to simmer the beans until they’re soft and mushy, with seasoning and a pinch of stock for maximum flavour. One tin per person is enough, and make sure they’re cooked through and really mashed. Then grate some cheddar and added some mashed avocado and sour cream. A kind of approximation of Mexican for toothless wonders. You have to let this cool down so you don’t hurt yourself. This makes total tasty comfort food, and you get to have cheese because it’s all soft and melted.

Rainbow trout and pea puree

This was great on the 3rd/4th day, the rainbow trout has some texture but is still really soft. I shoved a few cloves of garlic in there to flavour without any bits and just grilled it for 15mins. All you have to do is then add a bit of mayonnaise on the side, so tasty! The pea puree was a bit more difficult, you might want to get someone to make this for you if you’re in full invalid mode. Just boil up some peas, blitz them with some mint and a bit of stock and add a little sour cream. Make sure you get it really smooth so there aren’t any little bits in it.

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