Isabelle O'Carroll
Writer and content creator, London

I love chicken hearts

I first tried chicken hearts at Yoisho on Goodge St, a izakaya-style restaurant that feels like really being in Japan. They were surprisingly delicious, kind of like a cross between lamb and liver, if you like liver definitely give these a go. Chicken hearts are really cheap, we paid a few quid in our local shop for half a kilo which was loads.

I butterflied them and trimmed off the excess fat and chucked them on the griddle with some soy sauce and garlic. We added a bit of beef stock for flavour and let it cook off. Once they were cooked through we just served them with mustard and some parsley. The parsley really balances the ferric/bloody flavours and the mustard gives a nice kick. If you’re doing dinner for a few meat-loving friends you could easily serve this as a quick starter. I’m going to try them again yakitori-style on a skewer, with a few beers they’d be delicious.

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