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Recipe: Spicy Rice and Grated Salad

This recipe comes to you by slightly popular demand from Wolf Whistle, it’s not so much a recipe as ‘wtf can I make for dinner?’ The rice is a variation on the spiced rice I have made before and the grated salad is a brilliant side veg for summer which goes with anything from summer rolls to fish, meat and soups. As soon as there’s a hint of sun it gets made about once a fortnight in our house. I usually mix mooli/daikon with carrot and courgette, it’s really tasty, really quick and a good way of upping your veg intake for the day. Side note: I was once told by a herbalist to try to eat three veg at lunch and dinner and it’s a good base rule to try to stick to. I added a deliciously crispy fried egg as I’d been cycling and swimming and had the hunger of ten men.

Spicy rice:
Small onion
Fill base of pan with brown rice (basmati pref)
Handful of puy lentils
1/2 stock cube
chilli flakes, pepper, cumin seeds, celery salt, smoked paprika

Grated salad:
1 mooli, 2 carrots, 1 courgette
Sesame oil, lemon juice

For the rice, slice the onion into thin slices and fry with the chilli and cumin seeds. Once they have browned add the rice and stir in the rest of the spices then add water and the lentils. All you have to do is let this bubble away for 30-40 mins until done, keep tasting and seasoning. The spices I’ve put down are just a mix of earthy, full-bodied flavours but you can add others according to your own taste.

The grated salad is so easy, just chuck all the veggies through a food processor using a fine grate blade as you want it all to be pliable not crunchy. Season then add sesame oil preferably or olive if you don’t have it and some lemon juice just to get all the flavours mixing.

I served it with my crispy fried egg, more smoked paprika and a little yoghurt and it more than did the trick as an easy weekday dinner.

ETA: Mooli/daikon is like a big white radish which you can get from most Asian markets, you could substitute thinly sliced normal radish if you can’t find it.

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